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Managed IT Services

Your IT infrastructure ready for your company needs.

IT Outsourcing is the most practical and cost-effective way to ensure an appropriate IT infrastructure.

The need for professionals specialized in various areas, such as networks, information security, servers, database, systems, business continuity, among others, end up transforming the IT sector into a true "consumer of financial resources" , without the visibility of its real benefits.

Our Managed IT Services are complete to your company. In addition to the maintenance and monitoring of the IT infrastructure, we also deliver full technical support to employees and state-of-the-art equipment along with a highly skilled technical team for the full security of the IT operations .

4 advantages for your company with our Managed IT Services

Transparency and accountability

Aeon Technologies Managed IT Services are not a "Pandora's box" where contractors have no information about their operation. Each operational area is documented in detail, including: network topology, logins, passwords, and the status of each project being carried out or in progress. We are responsible for providing visibility of our operations to our clients so that they can attest our expertise and quality in the provision of services.

Help Desk 24x7

We offer, at no additional cost, a call management system that allows company employees to track the progress of reported problem solving. All available data is meticulously monitored and audited by the Aeon Team for the purpose of service improvement. This system provides insight into your IT for when you need it.

Remote Support

Our Managed IT Services doesn't just deliver the know-how of the people we work with. Aeon Technologies technicians are supported by back-end teams. This means that, if assigned professionals encounter any challenge, they can always count on the support of professionals specialized in different areas of IT, ensuring quality and efficiency of service at all times.

KPI Monthly Reports

We generate monthly KPI reports from our call control system ( Help Desk 24x7), along with other relevant information about the service. These reports are presented to our customers so that they can gain insight into the "health" of IT Management and may raise potential doubts in order for our services to be constantly evolving.

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